Singapore Best Casino is Celebrating Christmas Campaign with Giveaway

Yes8sg the trustable online casino is Celebrating Christmas Giveaway with New Partner Chelsea Team Singapore: 30 December 2019, Yes8sg no.1 online betting casino of Singapore is organizing an event with a new partner Chelsea team. They are going to collaborate and organize an event in celebration and partnership with the leading casino and team.

Yes8sg is the no.1 trustable, legal, and credible casino of Singapore. They have decided to organize a Christmas party with the giveaway campaign.Yes8sg is the prominent and premium casino in Singapore. Now they are going to be a proud partner of Argentina best football team.

This team is one of the leading football teams in the whole world. Both big partners have decided to organize an event in the Yes8sg casino for the giveaway of the Chelsea jersey. 3 KOLs are also invited in the event to influence the new partners for the longer partnership.
Wenxian Huang is the upcoming Instagram influencer and NRX brand ambassador, Sabee996 is a model, artist, singer, Angels ambassador, and freelancer, whereas TzeQian_c.c_ is a social media influencer. All these models and influencers are invited to the event.
Christmas giveaway events list:

1. Giveaway of the marvelous Chelsea t-shirts with autograph of the whole team
2. Announcement of the partnership with the Chelsea team
3. Declaration of the giveaway winners
4. Event party at the yes8sg casino with whole Chelsea team

The online betting casino new partners are extremely excited to collaborate with the Singapore best online casino. The best online casino Singapore has not officially announced the collaboration but the CEO of the casino has twitted about the partnership announcement with the compliments to the Chelsea team.

The online betting casino is extremely proud of the partnership. They even told the media that they hope that it gives the best response from all customers and show love to both the partners. The CEO of the casino had the Chelsea team has shown their partnership happiness by organizing an event. They will organize the event in a lavish way by inviting the KOLs influencers and organizing the giveaway campaign.
All the winners will be extremely delighted with the awesome event and the invitation. The three influencers are the social media brand ambassadors as well as the models, artists, and singers. 3 KOLs influencers interacted with all both the partners, Chelsea team and the winners of the Christmas campaign.

Yes8sg environment will be cherished with this event. This collaboration is going to bring a boost in the business of the online casino Singapore and also the Chelsea team. The Chelsea team is glad to collaborate with Singapore best online casino. The whole team will enjoy the event and also influencers have decided to post the video on Instagram with the winners and Chelsea team. The whole team is going too interviewed with the media along with the influencers.

This collaboration will be useful for both partners as Singapore best online casino will promote the Chelsea team on its official website. As well as the Chelsea team is going to print the logo of the casino on their t-shirt and advertise it on television and social media sites too. Singapore best online casino will add many programs after partnerships like the lottery, sports book and many more.
The partnership with the Chelsea team will be extremely good for the no.1 online casino Singapore to get a boost in their market value all over the world. This will increase the business income for both partners. Yes8sg has decided to bring more giveaways events in the future. The best casino in Singapore will blow out the market value through the promotion and advertisement by the Chelsea team.
About the Singapore best online betting casino:

Yes8sg is reputable in the whole of Singapore. It offers an amazing experience of gaming in a secure atmosphere. This online casino betting offers the unbeatable experiences of the casino and gaming world. Yes8sg is a legal online casino platform to play the game in a safe environment.

Best online casino Singapore is a leading and reliable community of the online casino. This online betting casino offers a wide variety of games to the online community. They also have the importance of security and safe data traffic on the website. This online casino website is easily available on android and iOS. They are always available for customers through social media updates and messages. They offer a package of benefits for VIP customers such as invitations to events, bonuses, and online activities. Last but not least, Yes8sg is a trustable online betting casino.

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